Tango in Scarborough

Hosted by Roxana & Fabian Belmonte


Thursdays lessons

Every other sunday practica

When teaching the tango to their students, Fabián and Roxana like to share this metaphor - “Each tango is a romance that lasts three minutes”.
Their focus is on more than just a theoretical explanation of this beautiful dance form, as their lessons address the language of the tango - including how to maintain a poised, fluid and improvised conversation between the leader and follower. With this approach,Fabián and Roxana's students are able to progressively master the most advanced dance elements of this unique language.

Our aim is to put you rapidly onto the dance floor so that you can enjoy this creative and passionate dance. TANGO ARGENTINO
In any discipline the “fundamentals” make the difference. 
When you have mastered the fundamentals, then dancing becomes effortless and fun for you and your partner. 



Tango in Scarborough .

next lessons

March 7-14-21

8 to 9pm /
Beginner . (pre-registration is required writing to tangodeoro@hotmail.com )


9 to 10pm / Intermediate. (For this level drop-in welcome)


Online Payment


# of dancers


Fee for 4-session pack: $ 80 / student
Fee x drop in : $ 22/person

Drop in students are welcome. (except for begginers that should register for full session)

Payment can be made also on first day of class (cash or cheque) . 

2400 Midland Avenue (unit 102) Scarborough Ontario M1S 1P8

March practica schedule:
March 10th (7 to 9pm)   $20




Are taught by both instructors Roxana & Fabian. No partner necessary. 

Instructors will be available for private lessons at your schedule convinience. Inquiries: tangodeoro@hotmail.com

Gift cards are the best way to share your passion with your loved ones. You can buy a gift card for private tango lesson, group tango lesson or  4-week session.

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4-week sessions run continuously throughout the year.


Dance Studio for thursdays lessons and sundays practicas:

2400 Midland Avenue (unit 102) Scarborough Ontario M1S 1P8

5' walk from Sheppard Ave.


Info: www.tangodeoro.com // 416-638-1285 // tangodeoro@hotmail.com

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