December 27th,  Esteban Echeverria Park. Villa Urquiza neighbourhood. Argentina.

Buenos Aires Tango & Art: "Special evening in homage to Roxana & Fabian"


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Special evening in homage to Roxana & Fabian Belmonte ,world renowned tango artists and pionners to link Argentine tango with Toronto, Canada since 1980's.


The event features artwork inspired by the magic of Argentine Tango 

(included Series of paintings 

"Roxana & Fabian" 

by notable artist Graciela Arone) 



photo: Roxana & Fabian with artist Graciela Arone.






















































photo's background :monument in homage to national's hero Urquiza.






Roxana ,Juan Carlos Copes & Fabian in Buenos Aires, december 20th, 2009

Villa Pueyrredón  . . .

Villa Pueyrredon is a neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina.  It is located between the neighbourhoods of Villa Urquiza, Villa Devoto.

Notables tangueros from Pueyrredon

  • Juan Carlos Copes :dancer.
  • Oscar & Lydia Callegari: dancers
  • Roxana & Fabian Belmonte: dancers
  • Enrique Alejandro Mancini: Radio and Television host.
  • Osvaldo Ruggiero:bandoneon player at Osvaldo Pugliese Orchestra
  • Roberto Rufino: tango singer at Carlos Di Sarli and Aníbal Troilo Orchestra.
  • Gloria Díaz: singer.
  • Natacha Poberaj: dancer
  • Daniel Nacucchio: dancer
  • Alberto Villarraso: dancer
  • Luciano Locatta: bandoneon player
  • Carlos Galvan: bandoneon player

Notables tangueros from Urquiza

  • Carlos Perez y Rosa: dancers
  • Jorge Dispari y La Turca: dancers
  • El Chino Perico: dancer
  • Javier Rodriguez y Andrea Misse: dancers
  • Andres Laza Moreno y Samantha Dispari:dancers
  • Geraldine Rojas: dancer
  • the Misse family (Andrea, Sebastian, Gabriel, y Stella): dancers




December 20th, 2009. Roxana, Juan Carlos Copes & Fabian


December 20th, 2009. Roxana, Maria Graña & Fabian

December 20th. 2009

"Educultura-La cultura solidaria en tu barrio" 2nd edition.

The event was held at the renovated amphitheatre Eva Peron at Centenary Park and admission was a toy donation at the door.

Educultura event is organized by  Rotaract, - Montserrat-Universidad Abierta Interamericana and sponsored by Buenos Aires city's government.

For this solidarity project, celebrated artists such as Juan Carlos Copes , Johana Copes, Maria Graña, Roxana & Fabian Belmonte were invited.

Event was a great success, thousands of toys were raised and distributed to Hospital de Niños thanks to the organizers, artists and audience. We promise you, your heart will be filled just knowing a child who might not receive anything , will have your gift in their hands this holiday season!