"Secrets d'une danseuse de Tango" . . .

 is the French translation (by Jean-Marie Bourjolly) of "Secretos de una milonguera " a book of short tales happening in the Buenos Aires Milongas written by Graciela H. Lopez.


An Art book where 16 B&W photographs on the subject of Argentinian Tango in the Montreal Milongas, (taken from about 800 photos produced over a period of 4 years by photographer Suzanne Duranceau),  bring a contemporary vision of the night life of the north american milongas carrying a parallel vision to the traditional feeling of these argentinian short stories full of passion and small tragedies.


Two of the photos published in the book shows Fabian & Roxana dancing at La Tangueria, in Montreal.

 Le livre « Secrets d’une danseuse de Tango », traduction de l’espagnol de "Secretos de una milonguera" initialement écrits par la psychanalyste argentine Graciela H. Lopez, traduit par Jean-Marie Bourjolly et illustrées par une série de 15 photographies de Suzanne Duranceau.