Roxana Callegari was born the 12th of June, 1969, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She inherited her passion for tango from her parents, Oscar & Lydia .(Dancers & instructors, creators of the first argentine tango school in Toronto called Group of Tango Buenos Aires).

All her childhood was in an atmosphere fully tanguera, next to the Teacher's voice Carlos Gardel, of which their maternal grandfather was an important collector. 

Roxana’s childhood interest in Argentina’s National Dances(Folk). From the 8 years of age Roxana integrated the Argentinean Folkloric Ballet: "Homeland and Dance" belonging to the Association Club Pro - Foment Pueyrredon, name that takes also, the Buenos Aires neighborhood that  saw her born. 

 Already in her adolescence, following the direction of the Argentinean traditional rhythms, and her rich upbringing  amidst tango’s rhythms all added to the success of her partnership with Fabian.From then on continuos after an artistic, upward career, ininterrupted and profesional, discovering in the Tango her maximum expression.

"... today I thank to all who from my childhood and in some or another way they forged in me, a great feeling and pride for the own values, as it is our culture... 


Roxana & Fabian "BIOGRAPHY"