Fabian Carlos Belmonte was born the 24th of July, 1967, in Buenos Aires, Argentina; like the Tango itself.  Since his childhood, his heart has beat to the Tango rhythm. Fabian comes from a long line of artists. 

The cords of Argentine Tango as delivered by the bandoneon played by his father Julio Cesar Belmonte and the lyrics interpreted by his mother Catalina Mantello, were always close at hand.

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He was raised from a very tender age to live and breathe the Tango culture.


Julio C.Belmonte & Fabian. 

bandoneon duo Julio C.Belmonte & Fabian C.Belmonte.

At age 7 he began bandoneon studies, under Carlos Lazzari' instruction, one of Argentina's foremost musician Director of the Orchestra: "The Soloists of D'Arienzo"

After performing extensively as a child, from 1980, Fabian is member of the Argentine Society of Actors, thus commencing a career in show biz. 

At the same time Fabian took voice lessons with Feruccio Marzan (1er violinist of various major orchestras at the time).

Fabian, overturned from very small a great feeling for Carlos Gardel, to the one who with running of the years and until these days he admires deeply.


-Tournee  Europe  98-99."La Luna"Restaurant-Amsterdam  


Very grateful to the life and their parents, Catalina and Julio Belmonte for the love that they have always inculcated him for the Tango..... Today it owes him, so many satisfactions, achievements, recognitions, friends and unforgettable moments. Among them Fabian could make reality one of its biggest dreams: to dance for another of the Argentinean God:  Diego " Maradona "

Fabian & Diego Maradona

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